Some Harken Health benefit plans require members to get a referral from their Harken Health designated primary care physician (PCP) to see another care provider in the network. Adult members are assigned to the Harken Health Centers and may see any physician at the Harken Health Centers as their designated PCP or they may choose to designate an in-network primary care physician as their referring doctor by calling a Membership Assistant at 800.797.9921.

To identify a Harken Health designated PCP, please visit and click Search Doctors and Rx Drugs, or call our provider services team at 800-797-9921.

Referral Search and Referral Submission

To verify if a referral is on file for a Harken member or to submit an online referral on behalf of one of our members, please visit the Referral Site below.


Call us at 800-797-9921.